About Us

We are a local, family-owned residential and commercial Solar Panel Service Company.

Solar Service Call is a solar panel service company. We help homeowners reduce and maintain their energy costs by maintaining, repairing, cleaning and upgrading their solar panels on their roof or a ground-mounted solar array on their property. We also troubleshoot and replace faulty and expired equipment such as inverters, optimizers, solar panels, and solar-related electrical equipment.

Solar Service Call’s ideal client is the homeowner that is interested in taking charge of their home energy costs. Also, the building owner who wants to save on energy costs as well with proper maintenance of their solar panel system.

Solar Service Call has over a decade of solar installation experience in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Why Solar Service Call?

Why we are different

Solar Service Call makes the process as easy as possible for the homeowner throughout the entire process. We do this by maintaining direct contact with the homeowner by highly skilled individuals that won’t have to pass you from person to person or department to department.

We are serious about relationships

What I am most proud of about Solar Service Call is the friendships we build with the homeowners during the solar panel servicing process. We show up as professionals and walk away as friends. Customer support is personal, not just for our reputation but for our friendship. We appreciate every opportunity we are given to service your solar panels.

Our Happy Clients

What our clients say about our cleaning services

They did a very professional job!

“They did a great job.  Showed up when they were supposed to, finished when they were supposed to, and followed up when they were supposed to. I would highly recommend them.”
Mark W.

Super honest, hardworking & trustworthy!

“Hardworking and didn’t stop until the job was done and perfect. AND his price was the lowest of all the quotes I got. The system is running well and is producing exactly as planned.  
Matt R.

Solar Service call did a high-quality, professional job from beginning to end.

“We had an excellent experience working with Chris. He is a certified and licensed contractor who has tremendous experience. Would highly recommend”
Mike H.

 An affordable solar panel service solution.

Chris was very professional and the quote he gave us was more than fair and beat out the other 4 contractors’ quotes on servicing our solar panels. I would highly recommend him and his team.
Rick C.